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Why Do I Need A Homebuyer Survey Report?

Buying a home is a very thrilling time in anybody’s life. Whether you’re a first-time buyer getting on the market, downsizing following the kid’s flying the nest or have just finally found the property of your dreams to move into, it is an incredibly exciting but sometimes busy and confusing time.

One crucial aspect of the homebuying process is a homebuyer survey report, which will help you to ascertain the condition of the building.

A women conducting a survey report.

Read on to discover the importance of property inspections and these reports.

What Is A Homebuyer Report?

A homebuyer report, also known as a homebuyer survey, is an assessment of the condition of a property. It is done by an expert and can help you with a variety of problems faced in the home buyer process. Firstly it can provide you with a list of defects or elements of the house that need attention.

This will then allow you to negotiate a lower price based on the report, or help you identify these areas of the house that you will need to work on once you buy your property. It should tell you the work that will need to be carried out, as well as how much this is likely to cost you.

What Is In These Reports?

You might get different surveys from different companies, so let's break down what reports are on offer from the team here at Viking Surveyors:

RICS Level 2 Homebuyers Survey

This survey is suitable for properties built from common building materials and that are in reasonable condition. It will assess the general condition of the property, as well as a physical inspection internally and externally. 

This will advise you on any maintenance and defects that might need to be addressed. It will then advise if the property is a suitable purchase, taking this into account.

RICS Level 3 Building Survey

This report is suitable for properties older than the 1930s, as well as those of non-standard construction. Similar to the level 2 report, it will assess the general condition and consist of a physical inspection internally and externally. 

It will give detailed advice on the condition and propose the most probable cause of defects and then advise you if the property is a suitable purchase.

Homebuyer Survey Reports From Viking Surveyors

Get peace of mind when purchasing a home by working with the team here at Viking Surveyors. We are able to offer comprehensive homebuyer survey reports, which will help you to ensure the property you want to purchase has been valued correctly and is in good condition.

We are able to provide an RICS Level 2 Report and Level 2 Report with Valuation, as well as a Level 3 Building Survey if you require a more in-depth assessment of the property. These reports consist of detailed visual inspections, valuations and advice of how to rectify any issues with the property.

We now have 5 locations around England, enabling us to assist you whether you’re in London, Gloucestershire, Cambridgeshire or a range of other locations. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

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